14 Best Cryptocurrency Telegram Channels 2022

30/12/2021 by Arpit

Interested in Cryptocurrency? Well, I am too. And that is why I come to you with this article where you will find the most relevant Cryptocurrency Telegram Channels

Not only that, but you will also see some of the elementary things you should be knowing about Cryptocurrency. So, in a way, this article is going to take you to a ride of the crypto world.

See, let me clear the clouds first, cryptocurrency has evolved in the last 5 years or so and has gained immense popularity in recent times since people are coming to the terms of how crucial and handy cryptocurrencies really are.

For that, people are searching the web for understanding and getting familiar with this new concept of money!

This is where Telegram can help you take the first step. Because apart from being the host to movie channels, it also has the finest list of cryptocurrency channels as well.

And here we are, making things all the more easy for you! Through the best way we can. But first, the channels list –

Best Cryptocurrency Telegram Channels –

Here is the list of Best Cryptocurrency Telegram channels that you should join in 2020 if you are a crypt-freak!


Telegram Channel Joining Link
Crypto News Join Here
Bitcoin Join Here
Trading Crypto Coach Join Here
ICO Reports Join Here
ICO Drops Join Here
Mycryptopedia Join Here
Coin Desk Join Here
Cointelegraph Join Here
The Crypto Room Join Here
Bitcoin Cash News Join Here
Cointrendz Join Here
ICO Speaks News Join Here
Whales Crypto Guide Join Here
Coingape – Internet of Money Join Here
Cryptomedics Join Here

What is Cryptocurrency?

So, now that you have the complete list of best Cryptocurrency Telegram Channels, it is time to take a ride of the basics. For those of you who have recently started on the path of Cryptocurrency, here’s what you need to know about it.

Simply put, a cryptocurrency is a virtual currency or an alternative currency. Or you can say Digital currency for ease. It is an internet-based medium of exchange, that employs cryptographic algorithms for the purpose of financial transactions.

For traditional money, a centralized network is important for its operation. It means that traditional money depends on the third-party servers like that of a bank, government or any other authority for the purpose of completion of its transaction.

Cryptocurrency is not controlled by any central authority and the presence of decentralized blockchains makes cryptocurrencies free of all the governmental or central control or interference.

Benefits of Cryptocurrencies

  • The biggest benefit of a cryptocurrency is that it is not controlled by any central authority like a central bank or government.
  • Availability is easy because it is virtual and since governmental control is ignored, it can reach users easily.
  • The cryptocurrencies are private and this is what makes it all the more demanding.
  • The transaction of such currencies is extremely easy. You can complete transactions without any hassle. Also, the fees levied on such transactions is lesser than traditional ones.
  • Another amazing benefit that cryptocurrency gives you is that the identity of the sender and the receiver remains hidden. This means that you’re anonymous if you’re transacting with cryptocurrency.
  • The menace of theft is neglected since it is virtual money.


The cryptocurrency market is booming as we speak and there is going to be a huge demand in this field in the near future. This is why these Cryptocurrency Telegram Channels can help you in many different ways.

So make sure to check out these channels and see their worth if you are a crypto-freak because it is a revolutionary invention and can be the most talked about topic in the coming times.

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