14 Best Share Market Telegram Channels In 2022

03/01/2022 by Sachin Sharma

Hi everyone! Today, we bring to you the best Share Market Telegram Channels that you can join for education, calls, and more.

India has seen a rapid rise in the number of people indulged in the Share market in recent times. This is seen as a very good sign for the future as this will consolidate the money flow in the markets.

According to Economic Times, in the FY2021, 14.2 Million new retail investors have registered their accounts with the stock markets which has been the highest ever. The share of retail investors in the National Stock Exchange (NSE) grew from 33% in 2016 to 45% in 2021.

This is why there is a need for quality content that they can consume and get educated about the markets. Telegram is a good place to get started. And this is why we have listed these amazing intraday telegram channels that you can join.

But, there are some warnings too! You will read about them in just a few minutes, but before let’s see the top Share Market Telegram Channels.

14 Best Share Market Telegram Channels List:

Share Market Telegram Channel Joining Link
Stockpro online (SEBI Registered) Join From Here
StockPro™️ – Dr. Seema Jain Join From Here
Wealth World Trader Join From Here
Nifty Intradaygeeks Join From Here
VKSTOX Join From Here
SS BankNifty Trades Join From Here
Wealth Saga Join From Here
Intraday Trading Equity Stock Join From Here
Stocks India – Intraday Tip | Sensex Join From Here
Sensexnifty50 Join From Here
CapitalVia – Stocks Nifty | Sensex Join From Here
National Stock Exchange Join From Here
Intraday Banknifty Calls Join From Here
Share Market Trading Equity Stock Calls Join From Here
Multiple Wealth – Stocks | Nifty | Sensex Join From Here
Neeraj Joshi Join From Here
Trade Swings Join From Here


Before you get so excited about joining the above-mentioned stock market or banknifty Telegram channels, here are some warnings that you should pay attention to –

  • Investing money in stock markets is equally risky as it is rewarding. You can make a lot of money, but at the same time, you can lose all your capital too. So, before going in full time, make sure you educate yourself about the market, how it works, the trades, the do’s and don’ts, and other things so you do not make any mistake.
  • Never blindly rely on the calls given in these channels! The channels do not hold any liability in case their calls aren’t right, you may lose you capital if you take the trades, so choose to invest your money wisely.
  • Most of the channels that are running on Telegram are not operated by certified individuals. So, before you invest in any scheme they offer, please make sure it is a legitimate one.
  • Some of these channels also have a premium service that they offer. They might charge you some amount as well. Before you blindly pay them the amount, make sure they are not fake. People have been scammed and so you should be extra careful.
  • TelegramGuru does not sponsor these channels. In case you are scammed or incur a heavy loss, WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE!

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In Summary,

These were the best stock market telegram channels that you can join to get started with your journey in the world of Stocks. We sincerely hope you liked the educational content we brought to you.

If you liked the post, do share it with your friends and family who you think needs to read this.

Use our comment section below if you have any suggestions or questions. We will get back to you ASAP.

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